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At our foundation, we firmly believe in empowering individuals to pursue their aspirations unhindered. Our mission revolves around eliminating obstacles that often confront students as they embark on their college journey. The assistance we provide paves a clear path towards transforming dreams into tangible reality by alleviating financial constraints.

Our Mission

Trinity Barbershop Pizzi History

Salvatore Pizzi, a steadfast cornerstone of our family, dedicated himself to its well-being. Affectionately known as "Pappy" to most, a nickname lovingly given by his granddaughter Angela, his paternal influence resonated deeply. Salvatore believed that hard work paved the way for remarkable achievements. He held financial independence in high regard and recognized education and self-improvement as essential pursuits for those with lofty ambitions.

Family History

Our Core Values

Our fundamental belief lies in empowering individuals to chase after their aspirations, regardless of their size.


We hold in high regard the notion that hard work, unwavering determination, and a forward-thinking perspective act as catalysts for personal achievements.

Hard Work and Vision

Recognizing that individuals don't come into this world equipped with every skill they'll need, we emphasize the essential nature of embracing continuous learning to acquire necessary skills whenever and wherever required.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

At the core of our foundation's values is the recognition of individuals for their identity and beliefs. We ardently advocate against using social structures to define how access is granted to education.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Embedded in our values is the belief that dreams can evolve into reality through consistent support and perseverance.

Dedication to Dreams

We acknowledge the influential role community support plays and are resolutely committed to leaving a positive imprint on both Boston and its surrounding regions.

Community Impact

Rooted in the origins of our foundation within a tightly-knit family, our dedication extends to bolstering families in attaining their educational aspirations.


Originally from the quaint town of Miranda, Italy, a short distance from Rome, the Pizzi family's roots were firmly established. Following his service in World War I, Salvatore confronted the stark poverty that gripped his family. With aspirations for a brighter future, he turned his gaze towards the United States, particularly Boston, Massachusetts. Around 1920, he embarked on this journey, leaving behind his wife, Maria, and their 4-year-old daughter, Angela. Armed with a mere 3rd-grade education and limited English proficiency, he was resolute in providing for his family. By 1922, after undertaking various odd jobs and diligently saving, he arranged for his wife and daughter to join him. Their two sons, Michael and Nicholas, were subsequently born in the United States in 1923 and 1925.

Upon their arrival in America, Maria worked as a seamstress and diligently mastered English. She pursued citizenship and successfully passed the necessary tests. All the while, she lovingly nurtured her three children, cultivating a warm and welcoming home.

Pizzi Family History

Salvatore's entrepreneurial journey began with a barbershop in Boston's Copley Square. This inaugural venture marked his entry into the business world, propelling him to prominence within the city. Through an extensive network, he acquired multiple rental properties across Boston, culminating in the ownership of five significant buildings during the pinnacle of his pursuits. While the barbershop eventually gave way to urban expansion plans, the Pizzi Real Estate business thrived, emerging as the family's flagship enterprise.


With each passing generation, the reins of the Pizzi Real Estate business remained firmly within the family's grasp. This enduring legacy persists to this day, managed and operated exclusively by Pizzi family members, a testament to their unwavering dedication to continuity.

From Salvatore's indomitable determination, visionary spirit, and unrelenting endeavors, the Maria and Salvatore Foundation was born in 2012. A tribute to his core values, the foundation was conceived to honor his enduring legacy and remarkable accomplishments.

Through this foundation, we infuse life into Salvatore's ideals, extending them to our scholarship recipients. We recognize the potential within driven, intelligent, and passionate aspiring students who harbor grand ambitions. Yet, we understand that financial independence cannot be taken for granted. The Pizzi Foundation steps in to assist those in need, sharing the same generosity that Pappy showered upon his immediate family.

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